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  1. (A Note to Myself.)

    1) Always make time for breakfast.
    - It literally takes two minutes to
    cook your oatmeal. I know you’re usually
    finishing up your homework for that day, but
    you’ve got to make time for health. And,
    besides, it’s your own fault that you didn’t
    finish your homework sooner.

    2) Take healthy snacks to school/work.
    -Don’t allow yourself to be tempted by fast
    food. Take a snack with you that will hold
    you over until you can get back home to eat.

    3) Have several frozen meals on hand.
    -Sure, this isn’t the healthiest thing in
    the world. But it’s a heck of a lot better
    than two McDoubles when you’re in a hurry.

    4) More tea, less coffee.
    -Since you are completely satisfied when you
    drink an unsweet tea or green tea, but can’t
    drink coffee without adding creamers and
    sweeteners, it makes sense to go for the tea.

    5) Drink Water.
    -Girl, you know you love water. You know you
    feel fantastic when you are drinking lots of
    it. SO DRINK IT. I have no idea why you’ve
    started slacking on the water front, but you
    need to get back on track with that. Fill up
    your water filter before you go to bed. Keep
    a case of bottled waters in your room for
    emergencies. No excuses for this one.

    6) Make better choices.
    -When you go out to eat with friends, skip the
    pasta and cheese and bread. Get a salad. Get
    grilled salmon. Treat yourself; you deserve it.
    But your body deserves healthy foods, too.

    7) Go to the gym.
    - Your day is not complete until you’ve worked
    out. You have workout DVDs. You have feet. You
    have a gym membership. What you do not have is
    an excuse. Go for a damn walk. DO SOMETHING.

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    My dance style ranges from white dad at a barbecue to stripper whose rent is due tomorrow

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